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ACL Training Videos


ACL Training Videos


ACL Training Videos featuring Richard Lanza the "Data Magician"

  1. Revenue Test Set for ACL - Mapping Audit Objectives - Part 1 - Provides an overview of the revenue audit, starting with the types of revenue frauds and then ending with the audit objectives per the Revenue Test Set for ACL.
  2. Revenue Test Set for ACL - Mapping Audit Objectives - Part 2 - Explains the approach used in the Revenue Test Set for ACL Software by listing the audit objectives, audit questions to achieve these objectives, and then explaining how the scripts are selected. 
  3. Unique Journal Entry Test in ACL - Video explaining a set of ACL software scripts to identify unique general ledger account sequences using ACL software in a monthly journal entry table. 
  4. Duplicate Payment Test from the Payables Test Set for ACL - While most duplicate payment reviews make use of the Duplicate command, this ACL Software script explanation also explores removing invoices that are netted out by credit invoices, hence removing any potential duplicates. 
  5. Prices Above the Standard Deviation for a Product - ACL Revenue Test Set Script - Calculates a standard deviation by location/ salesperson/customer and product number for alignment to every sales order transaction. This can be used to identify situations where the
  6. Mapping Accounts Payable Objectives to ACL Scripts - Provides an overview of the completing an accounts payable audit, first starting with the audit objectives, and then continuing with aligning audit questions to ACLTM scripts. Eight scripts are then highlighted and discussed which cut across all of the audit objectives.  
  7. Vendor Multiple Invoices Test - This test looks for vendors with multiple invoices just under an approval limit. By showing how a set of dialog boxes ask for approval limits, and Extract and Summarize command is then used to highlight these potential invoice approval situations.
  8. Vendor Interest Test - Learn to define fields in a script using the VEN_INTR script in the Payables Test Set for ACL. A simple and conditional field definition is explained using this example script.
  9. VEN payr Command - This test completes an effective vendor to employee matching on the address field. The video explains the use of the INCLUDE() function, SUB() function, matched Join and then a Many to Many Join command in ACL Software. The difference between the matched and many to many join
  10. Verify and Search Commands - Explains the use of the verify and search commands to validate data quality and locate records quickly within data sets.
  11. Debit Vendor Test - Shows the execution of a completed script and then a dissection of the script with explanations along the way. The script will identify vendors that are in receivable positions with the company.
  12. Monthly Stratification Script - Explains a variety of script techniques to manage variable usage in table names, as fields, and in exports. Also explains how to manage complex field definitions in scripts.
  13. ACL Word Analytics = ACL scripts have been developed and shown to complete a key word or phrase search, as well as, a word summarization.
  14. Export - Utilizes the Export command to use ACL results in other programs such as Excel. Also explains how to merge disparate data using the Export command, as well as, using ACL's data normalization functions.
  15. AVG PAY Command - Explains how to create an average vendor amount by using the Summarize, Join and Calculated Field functionality in ACL for use in assessing invoices that exceed the average by a multiple as set by the user.
  16. Top 10 Mistakes When Importing Data Into ACL Desktop - Explains overcoming the top 10 data import mistakes and also providing an overview process to developing ACL Desktop (TM) reports.
  17. COUNT TOTAL STAT Commands - Explains all aspects of three simple yet functional commands in ACL -- Statistics, Count and Total.
  18. Data Import Exercise Part 1 Overview - Describe each table type including fixed length, delimited, Excel, and PDF file importing into ACL.
  19. Cleansing Functions - Understand the application of calculated fields to cleanse data, once it has been imported into ACL, to ensure consistent results and a consistent look/feel.

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