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IT Risk Management Framework - Risk Assessment Risk Register


IT Risk Management Framework - Risk Assessment Risk Register


Title of the Audit Working Paper(s): IT Risk Management Framework - IT Risk Assessment - IT Risk Register

Purpose of the working paper. In simple IT Risk Management Framework is set of best practices and internal controls relating to Information Technology. The IT Risk Management Framework is all about the Information, it's governance, security and risk management.

Audit objectives for the working paper. To ensure that throughout the organization the risk appetite and risk tolerance levels are communicated and well understood so that it is ensured that the risks relating to IT are restricted within the organizational risk appetite and tolerance level because if these risks goes beyond the organizational risk tolerance level it will affect the organizational objectives i.e. disruption of company operations, etc. So it is very important to identify and manage the IT related risks (through Risk response and Risk management techniques) which can affect the organizational objectives.

Industry sector The template is relevant to all industries.

Functional area Assessment of IT related Risks.

Key words to help categorize programs and facilitate searches. IT Risk Management Framework - IT Benefit Realization, IT Risk assessment, IT audit, IT Internal Controls.

Standard (Non-IT) Audit Program

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