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AuditNet® Auditnet-faqs

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Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. AuditNet® visitors routinely have questions on service levels, subscription payment options, access, copyright and other important topics. In order to answer these inquiries we have posted Frequently Asked Questions, commonly referred to as FAQs, for the benefit of our users. If you have a question regarding AuditNet®. check here first and if you can't find an answer then feel free to send us an inquiry.

Q:  What do I do if my subscription is not activated even though I made a payment online? If your payment was not activated there is a very good chance that the name associated with your payment was different from the registration information in the AuditNet system. Send an email to AuditNet indicating the registered user name AND the payment information details (name and email address). Payments made online are automatically activated ONLY if the registered name and the payment name (email) are the same.

Q: What is the difference between and individual and a group (multi-user) subscription license? An individual AuditNet® subscription is licensed for one individual to access the templates. The authorized username must be the subscriber's email address. The username and password is not authorized for sharing with other staff. If the authorized user changes the username in order to share their access they  will have to purchase and group license or the username will be reverted to the user's email address. Audit departments purchasing a group (multi-user) subscription license can create a unique username and a password that can be shared by all members of the group. For example a 5 user license can share the username with 5 staff members as well as the created password so that all users can login simultaneously to AuditNet®. 

Q: Does our site license with any of the following vendors/associations (ACL, IDEA, TeamMate, KnowledgeLeader, AHIA, SAP) provide us with a membership to your site? If yes, what information do I need to provide you with or what would I otherwise need to do?

A: The site license provides you with access (not membership or a subscription) to AuditNet. You need to log in thru the vendor/association's support site. You are not a subscriber so you cannot login directly from the AuditNet Web site. The vendor/association site license gives you access to AuditNet. If the vendor/association discontinues their site license then you would no longer have access to AuditNet.

Q:  What are the benefits of premium membership subscription?

A: The following are the current benefits of premium subscriptions (new benefits are added when available):

  • Access to all current and future audit templates while subscription is active (more than 2,900)
  • Free attendance at all AuditNet hosted Webinars
  • Free CPE subject to attendance and meeting eligibility criteria
  • Discounts on cRiskAcademy subscriptions to on demand videos with CPE
  • Access to view all AuditNet recorded Webinars

Q: What is the difference between the basic and the premium subscription? 

A: The basic subscription is now a free subscription and includes earlier audit programs from 1995-2005 (approximately 1,200) and the premium subscription includes all the audit programs added ince 2005. We add new content for premium subscribers every month with only limited additions to the free.

Q: I am a TeamMate user and understand that I have access to AuditNet. I have registered with AuditNet but am unable to download templates as it says I need to be a subscriber. How do I access the templates as a TeamMate supported user?

A: AuditNet has entered into site license agreements with a number of vendors and professional service firms or associations. If you are a member of any of those organizations AuditNet access is provided through a link within their secure member or client area. For example if you are a TeamMate user you must login to TeamMateConnect and follow the link to AuditNet in order to take advantage of the site license access. Only subscribers are able to login through an AuditNet site registration using their username and password. Site license users must access through the link provided in the site licensee's secure login area. 

Q: I signed up for a free subscription to download templates but I can no longer log in or download. Why?

A:When you sign up for the free subscription option you opt-in for receiving emails from AuditNet®. If you opt-out or unsubscribe from our value added promotions and mailings your free subscription is terminated and we remove your information from our registration database. 

Q: I would like to know if there is a free trial period where I can try out the basic or premium plan?

A: AuditNet® offers a free subscription with access to more than 100 templates in order to provide prospective subscribers with a sample of templates.  We continually add templates to the free subscription level. There is also an Auditors Sharing Audit Programs (ASAP) option which provides audit department with subscriptions for contributing audit templates. 

Q: I have a question regarding the access agreement for an individual premium account. With the purchase of an individual premium subscription, will I be allowed to download and utilize excerpts in my audit program?

A: With the purchase of a subscription to the content you have access and permission to alter, modify and use the documents for internal use. You may not resell or distribute to others.

We are constantly adding new content to the templates and as a current subscriber you will have access to all the new and existing content. You also have AuditNet® as a resource for questions and other audit related topics. \

The goal of AuditNet is helping so feel free to consider AuditNet® as a resource. If we don't know the answer to your question we can always rely on the network we have built over the years.

Q: I have access to AuditNet® because I am a client  of TeamMate, Caseware IDEA, ACL, KnowledgeLeader, SAP,  or AHIA member. Does this mean I have a subscription to AuditNet®?

A: NO! Site licensee clients are not AuditNet® subscribers as they have not registered in the AuditNet® system. They are accessing the AuditNet® content via an agreement with the enterprise site license owner. Site licensee clients do not have the same privileges extended to subscribers such as special offers for CPE, newsletter mailing to their email address or other limited time offers. Site licensee clients enter AuditNet® via a pre-authenticated link on the site licensee’s secure website. They do not login via a registration in AuditNet® and AuditNet® has no way of tracking their access. If an enterprise site licensee does not renew their site license agreement then their clients/users no longer have access to the AuditNet® subscriber only content. Site licensee clients are not AuditNet® subscribers.

Q: I am a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) or other professional audit/accounting association. Do I have access to the AuditNet® subscriber content through my association membership?

A: No - the only professional audit association whose members have access to AuditNet® content is the AHIA. AuditNet® has enterprise site license agreements with certain software vendors and the AHIA. The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA) is the only association that has purchased an enterprise site license agreement.. The IIA, ISACA, ACUA and other similar audit and accounting associations have not entered into an agreement with AuditNet® and therefore their members do not have access to AuditNet® subscriber content. If you want your association to offer AuditNet® access as a benefit of membership then you should contact the respective association to enter into an agreement with AuditNet®.

Q: I am looking for a retail audit program available for download. Can you tell me if you have any in your inventory?

A: There are more than 2,400 audit programs available to subscribers. You can download a list of all the audit programs to see if there is one or more that meet your needs. Go to and then click on the CSV image.

Q: I forgot my password and your system does not send me a new one despite several attempts.  How do I  retrieve or change my password?

A: How to retrieve or reset your password

  • Click on Login ink on the top right corner of the page for the login form
  • Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ link
  • Enter the email address to retrieve the password
  • An email will be sent with ‘Reset Password’ link (you may need to check your spam or junk mail folder for the email)
  • Upon clicking the ‘Reset password’ link in mail, you will be redirected to ‘Reset Password’ Page
  • Enter the new password and click on ‘Change my password’ button to update
  • You will be redirected to home page after the password update.

Q: I currently have the basic subscription and am interested in upgrading to the premium subscription. I paid $49 for the basic level and see that the premium level is $149. Is there a way to pay the difference of about $100? Also will that change my renewal date?

A: Log in to your subscription and click on "Profile" at the upper right of the home page. Click on "View Subscription Info." and you will see the Subscription Options. If you click on Premium and continue it takes you to the payment page where it will only require payment of the difference between the Basic and the Premium subscription. We will update your renewal date to one year from the date of your upgrade. 

Q: I would like to know what list of templates audit program you have?

A: Click on the Audit Templates link in the navigation menu and then click on the Download a listing of Audit Programs for a complete listing of the templates including whether they are free, basic, or premium. 

Q: I would like to create a username that is different from my email address. How can I do that?

A: Basic and Premium Individual subscribers are only allowed to use their email address for their user name. Sharing the login information with other staff is not allowed for basic and premium individual subscriptions. Group subscribers may select a unique group username that all members can sign in with. 

Q: Does AuditNet offer memberships/subscription in the name of the organization? If we get multiple user license, will the membership be in the name of the organization or as individuals?

A: Companies or organizations that purchase a multi-user (also referred to as a group license) are allowed to set up a unique group username. All users will then login using the group username and password. The username can be the name of the organization. All subscriptions do require a unique email address for administrative purposes. Usernames cannot contain any special characters and cannot use AuditNet in any form in the username.

Q: I would like to renew my subscription and pay online. What is the process to complete this?

A: Currently the renewal option is available within 30 days of the expiration date of the subscription through the My Account link. Log in to your account and click on profile and you will find the option to renew your subscription.

Q: How do I change the username, email address or password for my account?  

A: Click the "Log in" link on the top right corner of the page  Enter a valid User name and Password in the field and click "Login" button. After successful authentication user will be redirected to the home page with “Signed in successfully” message. Click on 'My Account' link on the top. It will display list of items like 'View Profile', 'Edit Profile', 'Change Password' for normal users. Click on 'Edit Profile' or 'Change Password' to make changes. Click 'Update' to complete the change. (Note: If you need to change the username you will need to contact AuditNet as the username cannot be edited by the subscriber).

Q: I currently have paid for an Individual Subscription plan and would like to upgrade to a 5 User License. How do I complete this process so that we will only be charged for the difference?

A: Log in to your subscription and click on "Profile" at the upper right of the home page. Click on "View Subscription Info" and you will see the Subscription Options. If you click on 5 User License and continue it takes you to the payment page where it will only require payment of the difference between the Premium and 5 User License subscription. If you have additional questions call us at 800-385-1625 during our business hours.

Q: I can't find your phone number!! I want to sign up using my Master card, and the FAQ said I should call, but no number is provided.
A: We do not share our phone number due to the global nature of our visitors. If you would like to pay by phone please send us your phone number.

Q: I cannot use Paypal to pay what are the alternative payment methods?
A: We accept payments by check. Send us your billing information and the type of subscription and we will send an invoice for payment by check. You can also send your payment by check made payable to AuditNet to Box 452, Oakton, Virginia 22124. 

Q: We can only pay by wire transfer. How do we proceed?
A: Send us your billing information and we will send an invoice to pay by wire transfer with the necessary payment details. Wire transfer payments will include a processing fee of $25.

Q: How do I upgrade for my subscription to a Premium.
A: You may now upgrade your subscription from Basic to the Premium level through the Web site. 

Q: Our company does not allow us to use PayPal to pay for services. Does your site accept payment by credit card?
A: We use PayPal for our merchant account. We do accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). When processing a credit card payment just say you do not want to use a PayPal account or set up a PayPal account and continue processing using your credit card.