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October 6, 2021 - Best Practices in Visualizing Data (Sim Live)
Data Visualization

When: Oct 6, 2021 2:00 PM
Location: AuditNet (Sim Live)

Ticket Price: $50.00

Ticket Link:

Best Practices in Visualizing and Dashboarding Data

Visualizing data has become one of the hottest trends in analytics not only because it works to more quickly identifying anomalies but in also explaining the results to management. In this case study focused webinar, you’ll learn how to translate unwieldy files of financial data into a single compact scattergraph, pie chart, or overlay—and then to pick out the key items that merit sampling and follow-up. Once the graphs are built, using Microsoft Excel templates, approaches will be explained to build audit-specific dashboards for a particular audit or for senior management discussion.

Specific learning objectives include:
o Understand graph types and their different analytical strengths from an audit perspective
o Learn best practices in dashboarding results through a review of a variety of example dashboard templates
o See how to quickly turn a visualization exercise into a sampling approach by sampling multiple categories to identify highest-risk items
o Learn to improve data quality reviews through a variety of statistical techniques transformed into graphical analysis
o Use auto-formatting and dynamic data-grabbing tools so new data can create new graphs each audit period, at the touch of a button
o Maximize Power Pivot to efficiently visualize data in the millions of records, far beyond the limits of a normal Excel sheet

CPE: 2 Credits
Cost $50 (subscribers and site license users attend with no fee)
Program Level / Prerequisites and Advance Preparation: Basic / None
Delivery Method: Simulated Live
Category: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

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