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AuditNet® Tools::Script-library-for-data-analytics::Auditnet-script-sharing-exchange-library-guidelines

Any scripts submitted for posting must be sent in 'open' form - i.e. in '.iss' format. Any scripts sent in compiled '.ise' form will not be viewed and will be deleted immediately

Any script submitted must feature sufficient 'commenting' within the script to help others understand what is going on in the code.

 Similar to the last point, some additional documentation is required to explain the purpose of the code.

Where possible you should include in the supporting notes what data is required, so that code can be tested prior to posting within this area.

Please indicate which version of the software and what service pack level the code was created for.

Lastly, please let it be known whether you mind be contacted by other users to discuss or get assistance using your script.

We have created this as a 'free' service to any IDEA user - Caseware already have an area within the support section of their website where clients with current maintenance contracts can download a number of useful scripts. We will make every effort not to duplicate the code available from there.

The scripts posted here are designed to be as generic as possible so some sections of the original working versions could be omitted or 'commented' out. The code will need modification to be employed and this will depend on your specific scenario. Where possible, we will include examples of the code in use employing the 'sample' data included with the installation of IDEA.

Each download will consist of a IDEAScript file (with a '.iss' file extension) and an Adobe Acrobat Reader file (.pdf) containing the notes supporting the code. These two files will be combined in a WinZip file (.zip), this is only to simplify the download process as neither file will be very big. If you are prohibited from downloading .zip files please email a request for the files to sent as separate email attachments.